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of one of japan's coastal nuclear power plants. as we look at some of the new images coming into us, japan's national police estimate at least 184 people are dead, 530 are miss, but we are certain as we watch these new images come in that that number will climb as the waters recede. some government officials, in fact, quoted in japanese media outlets predicting the death toll at a minimum will pass the 1,000 mark. there's been a little over 18 hours now. let's take a closer look. it's a magnitude 8.9 quake recorded right here off japan's eastern coast. you see the town of sendai. that was closest. tokyo down here. the hashedest hit, this flashing ring here, but vibrations all the way down throughout japan's coastal areas right here. the images are stunning. first the vibrations and the strong earthquake, the strongest on record in japan. then not long after all that shaking, the breathtaking power of the waters unleashed by a 30 foot tsunami. cars and boats, even homes tossed about like toys. look again at these images here. it is just striking the awesome, sobering power of the wat
haiti to japan and there are the extraordinary opportunities and challenges that we see right here in egypt and in the rest of the region so i want to be part of helping to represent the united states at this critical moment in time, to do everything i can in support of the president and our government and the people of our country to stand for our values and our ideals, to stand up for our security, which has to remain first and foremost in my mind and to advance america's interests, and there isn't anything that i could imagine doing -- >> for our international viewers, "world news" is next. for viewers in the united states, "john king, usa" starts right now. >>> thanks, wolf, good evening, everyone. tonight japan's nuclear crisis is taking an alarming turn for the worse and there are questions about whether the japanese government is hiding or is blind to the full extent of this catastrophic. official event. they worry more radioactive steam is escaping. japan's emperor made an unprecedented nationally televised address saying he's deeply worried about the emergency but urging t
, candy. good evening, everyone. tonight major breaking news in two important global dramas. japan uses helicopters and water cannons in a desperate effort to cool fuel. and tonight there's word a new power line has been brought to the fukushima daiichi complex, but as friday dawns in asia, no sign of a major breakthrough and growing worries of two of the six reactors still in distress. >>> and first a major but belated commitment to stop the brutal march of gadhafi in libya. they voted to authorize not only a no-fly zone over libya, but also all necessary measures including military force to stop the government and mercenaries from slaughtering civilians. i'm told the pentagon and nato partners have contingencies that include air strikes to punish military units, leaving gadhafi's push on his strongholds in the east. now that the u.n. authorized sfors, the strikes could be carried out within hours if the president and his partners around the world issue the orders. cnn's richard roth track ad dramatic vote at the the united nations tonight. richards? >> john, u.s. ambassador to the u.n
be called a stable situation. >> the deepening nuclear crisis is the most urgent of japan's challenging tonight. the death toll now more than 1,800 but it is by all accounts likely to climb and climb much higher as the waters recede and search and rescue teams reach the most remote northern japanese towns. sifting through the rubble hoping to find her husband. >> translator: we met a woman who has not been able to locate her husband who went to his office to work even one full day after the earthquake. >> this family reunited after three anxious days apart. >> in all about a half million people are in emergency shelters and many of those facilities are reporting severe shortages of food and other basic necessities. words do not, they cannot do justice as we try to describe the drugs. destruction. this is from a bus thrown atop a building and nearby a house coming to rest atop an elementary school. it is in those northern japanese towns where the devastation is greatest and it's there near the epicenter in sendai we find our own anderson cooper. as correspondents like yourself make the r
japan. another fire and another huge radiation risk in a troubled japanese nuclear complex with all six reactors are now in varying degrees the distress. let's bring up the complex. the latest challenge is a fire in the number four reactor. that's down here. in the area just near the roof where highly radioactive spent fuel rods are stored. this turn for a worse in reactor four after a day there was evidence japan might make small progress as it struggles with the worst nuclear crisis since cher chernobyl. there's a risk of a full meltdown in reactor number two. there is some progress but questions about the integrity about that reactor's containment area. at the moment it's down here at reactor four where new alarms are raised tonight. the new fire and latest release of nuclear reactive materials released a short while ago. the problem with the audio on that. let's assess the risk with ar arny gunderson. authorities say there's another fire in the same area of the building where we know. i want to get your first thought on where the spent fuel rods are stored. what does that tell you?
for alarm, tiny radioactive particles from japan are detected today in california. a reminder, this is a global challenge that could drag on for weeks or more. we'll dig deep on the six-reactor emergency in just a moment with the help of this startling new satellite imagery. look here at the destruction in this nuclear complex, especially in the buildings where highly radioactive spent fuel is stored and where we now know sadly there are major problems. but first, the likelihood of military action against libya and involving u.s. forcesize dramatically higher tonight. earlier today libya's government responded to a tough new united nations resolution authorizing military strikes and said it would agree to a cease-fire in its struggle against opposition forces. but within hours there was ample evidence, including i'm told u.s. intelligence images, that the fighting continues. tonight the white house says gadhafi is in violation of that resolution already and the libyan dictator is left to mull this stern warning from the president of the united states. >> if gadhafi does not co
with the president in chile. still ahead, the radiation emergency at japan's fukushima nuclear complex. is the president defining the mission in libya and does he need the doing declare. senator luger helps us next. stie to a fixed rate as low as 4.75% at, where customers save an average of $293 a month. call lending tree at... today. like the other stuff, diet snapple has healthy stuff. [ horn honks ] and tasty stuff. we just took out the calories and stuff. so who comes up with this stuff? i do. ooh! now who wants some free stuff? [ all ] me! snapple. the best diet stuff on earth. we're with you when you're saving for your dreams. [ woman ] when you want a bank that travels with you. with you when you're ready for the next move. [ male announcer ] now that wells fargo and wachovia have come together, what's in it for you? unprecedented strength, the stability of the leading community bank in the nation and with 12,000 atms and thousands of branches, we're with you in more ways and places than ever before. with you when you want the most from your bank. [ male announce
of this one best we can. >>> first in the air, then in the milk. radiation from japan's nuclear crisis is right here in the united states. we're told not to worry. we'll ask the governor of washington state how she's sure there's no cause for alarm. >>> and next, the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee, john kerry joins us exclusively to give his take on the big libya defections and whether the obama white house needs to do more to help the opposition. i love quaker oatmeal, it's seriously a superfood. if you want to build a healthy heart, it's about being active and it's about putting the right fuel in your body. it's that simple. and here's the good news -- it's never too late to start. quaker oatmeal is proven to help lower cholesterol. it's a staple in my diet. in fact, it's the only cereal i eat. it powers you up and it makes you feel great. are you eating quaker for breakfast? ♪ i really didn't see it coming. i didn't realize i was drifting into the other lane. [ kim ] i was literally falling asleep at the wheel. it got my attention, telling me that i wasn't payi
japan right now. we have issues we deal with in russia and china so, you foe, i i think the united states clearly has to let the rest of the world be involved in this situation. we cannot be a sheriff for the whole world. especially now when we have fiscal issues that are going on in washington right now. >> so would you set a time line, $40 million a week but only for what, a couple more months or what if gadhafi is still there. >> i think right now we're a member of the coalition but it's my understanding from my conversations with the administration is that clearly they're going to let the rest of the world, the coalition take control including whatever they need to do to provide the resources. we have other parts of the world that we have to deal with but we are a member of the coalition and we're going to help them on using our unique resources that we have that other countries don't but i don't believe that will be spending the money or putting boots on the ground. that's clearly where the president is coming from now based on my conversations with him. >> mr. chairman, do yo
of japan's nuclear crisis. >>> next, scott o'grady was shot down over bos boz bosnia 16 yea ago and he was rescued. today the same ship rescued the americans whose fighter jet crashed in liberty. what's it like to eject from a fire jet? [ female announcer ] right now he's not thinking about his future. he can't say social security... much less tell you what it means. he doesn't know that his parents are counting on the money they pay in. or that the hard earned benefits his grandparents receive... are secure. right now he's not thinking about his future. but we are. aarp has been working to preserve social security for more than 50 years. join us in a conversation to strengthen it for years to come. we're with you when you're saving for your dreams. [ woman ] when you want a bank that travels with you. with you when you're ready for the next move. [ male announcer ] now that wells fargo and wachovia have come together, what's in it for you? unprecedented strength, the stability of the leading community bank in the nation and with 12,000 atms and thousands of branches, we're with you in
word of radiation tonight and contamination around japan's fukushima nuclear complex. and a new warning about disaster readiness here at home. and next, a city-by-city look at the opposition setbacks on the libya battlefield. professional driver on a closed course. ♪ do not attempt at home. always wear your seat belt. ♪ and please drive responsibly. [ male announcer ] it's the most fun you can legally have. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers on the c-class. a living, breathing intelligence that's helping business rethink how to do business. in here, machines tell factories when they're thirsty. so soft drink companies can manage thousands of vending machines in real time. ♪ and customers find what they want...when they want it most. it's the at&t network -- a network of possibilities, creating and integrating solutions, helping business, and the rethink possible. helping business, and the i don't have to leave my desk and get up and go to the post office anymore. >>> welcome back. a bit earlier in the program, we played you
'll havehetest on that liverom japan next. [ folk pop ] [ man ] ♪ if you got worries then you're like me ♪ ♪ don't worry now i won't hurt you ♪ ♪ and if you got worries then you're like me ♪ ♪ don't worry now i won't desert you ♪ ♪ [ continues ] [ announcer ] when it cos to the things you care about, leavnothing to chance. travelers. insurance for auto and home. call or click now for an agent or quote. >>> another troubling development in japan. vessels e containment inside theto racketors at the fukushima power plant may be leake. martin savage joins with us the latest. we understand there is more water found yesterday at the fukushima power plant that had dangerously high levels have radiation. have you learned anything from them about whe they this water is comingre from? >> reporter: there are a number of different sources where the water could be coming from. the level have radiation, we're talking about these three work pes were exposed on thursday as they were trying to lay a new cable in reactor number three. they stepped in water that was reportedly 10,000 times
changes reduce or increase the risk of terrorism. >>> next, more problems at japan's fukushima nuclear complex and new warnings, water might not be safe for children because of radiation. ♪ [ male announcer ] here they come. all the new tech products you need. and they're all looking for the same thing. ♪ the one place that makes technology easy. staples. with highly-trained tech experts and expanded tech centers, staples makes finding the right technology just the way you want it. easy. easy to buy. easy to fix. easy to save. staples. that was easy. easy to buy. easy to fix. easy to save. but you can still refinance to a fixed rate as low as 4.75% at, where customers save an average of $293 a month. call lending tree at... today. >>> some critical work at the nuclear power plant when black smoked poured from one of the reactors forcing workers out before they could determine how much equipment still works. that setback has been overshadowed by a health scare where tests show there's radiation in the water. officials say don't panic. don't hoard bottled water but wh
have been saved. meanwhile, as we speak, our troops are supporting our ally japan leaving iraq to its people, stopping the taliban's momentum in afghanistan, and going after al qaeda all across the globe. as commander in chief, immigrateful to our soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, coast guardsmen and to their families and i know all americans share in that sentiment. for generations, the united states of america has played a unique role as an anchor of global security and as an advocate for human freedom. mindful of the risks and costs of military action, we are naturally reluctant to use force to solve the world's many challenges. but when our interests and values are at stake, we have a responsibility to act. that's what's happened in libya over the course of these last six weeks. libya sits directly between tunisia and egypt, two nations that inspire the world when their people rose up to take control of their own destiny. for more than four decades, the libyan people have been ruled by a tyrant, moammar gadhafi. he has denied his people freedom, exploited their went, murdered op
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14